Michael Palencia-Roth and Prof. Parra
Carlos Parodi and Cecilia Sánchez playing at a reception for Michael Palencia-Roth, 2/2002
A visit by Edward James Olmos to the IWU campus - February 6, 2002
(Dora Martínez, Princess Johnson, Alissa Hoffenberg)


Lunch with Spanish majors/minors - 25 de abril 2001

Profesors with graduating Spanish majors and minors.
Carmela con 'las chicas'

La visita de la profesora Marjorie Agosín - 3 de abril 2001

Diego Mendez-Carbajo (el adoptado), Patricia, José Pazó

16 de septiembre, 1999 celebración del primer año del Department of Hispanic Studies


Student Amber Larsen (left) speaks with other guests at the open house.

Students Esteban Lizano and Juan Hennessy engage in a stimulating conversation.