Celebrating Kari Grace, 2010 Lincoln Laureate
14, 2011

Emmy, Mrs. Grace, Kari, Mr. Grace
Emmy, Mrs. Grace, Kari (Lincoln Laureate, Hispanic Studies/Sociology major), Mr. Grace.
The Lincoln Laureate is an honor given on behalf of the Lincoln Academy of Illinois to honor senior students at each of the four-year,
degree-granting institutions in Illinois for overall excellence, in both curricular and extra-curricular programs.


a toast
Prof. Nadeau (Hispanic Studies) congratulating Kari Grace.
from left: Professors Amoloza and Burke (Sociology), Prof. Nadeau, Prof. Gearhart (Anthropology), student, Kari, Mr. Grace


Prof. Ferradáns (Hispanic Studies) and Kari Grace


Prof. Valverde (Hispanic Studies) and Kari Grace


Kari's friends joining her in her celebration.


Professors Sikora (Sociology), Ferradáns (Hispanic Studies), Amoloza (Sociology), Burke (Sociology), Boyd (Associate Provost)