CPH Recruitment Counselors

Recruitment Counselors are experienced sorority women who are committed to offering their talents and service to PNMs throughout the formal recruitment process. The purpose of the Recruitment Counselor program is to:

  • Provide support, friendship and personal guidance to women participating in the recruitment process by sorority members who are educated to represent Panhellenic attitudes and ideals.
  • Provide objective and impartial counselors.
  • Promote and understanding an explanation of the mutual selection process
  • Promote an understanding of the benefits of sorority affiliation and emphasize the similarities in ideals and goals of all women's fraternities.

PNMs will be assigned to groups with the Recruitment Counselors who will meet with their PNMs throughout recruitment to provide any information and advice that is needed by the PNMs. The Recruitment Counselors are required to disaffiliate from their sorority until recruitment is over. This is so you will be more comfortable speaking with them about recruitment. If you happen to know the sorority that your Recruitment Counselor belongs to, we ask that you don't discuss this with anyone.

Feel free to ask your Recruitment Counselors whatever questions you have regarding recruitment or individual chapters.