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Eta Chapter

Mission Statement

The purpose of Sigma Kappa Sorority is to provide women lifelong opportunities and support for social, intellectual, and spiritual development by bringing women together to positively impact our communities.

Our values: personal growth, friendship, service and loyalty; bound by a promise.

Personal growth
Bound by a Promise to be the best person you can be.

  • Social: Demonstrating leadership through behaviors that are in alignment with the Sorority's values
  • Intellectual: Committing to a lifetime of learning and enrichment
  • Spiritual: Striving to live a purposeful life

Bound by a Promise to model service and leadership in your communities, especially within Sigma Kappa.

  • Offering your time, ideas, or resources to support the common good and assist those in need.

Bound by a Promise to demonstrate sisterhood and friendship throughout life.

  • Sisterhood
  • Self-respect
  • Mutual respect

Bound by a Promise to remain loyal to Sigma Kappa and to living its values in all that you do.

  • An unwavering devotion and steadfast allegiance to Sigma Kappa


Fast Facts

Number of Active Chapters: 124

National Founding Date: November 9, 1874

National Founding Location: Colby College, Waterville, Maine

IWU Founding Date: February 14, 1906

Organization Colors: Lavender and Maroon

Organization Flower: Wild Purple Violet

Mascot: Dove and Heart

Jewel: Pearl

Local Chapter Website:

International Headquarters Website:



Grade Point Average

  • To Join (First-Years): 3.000
  • To Join (Continuing): 2.500
  • Good Standing (Active Members): 2.300
Academics are a priority for our chapter, as is evident by our Sigma Kappa nationally recognized chapter GPA and success at Illinois Wesleyan. Sigma Kappa requires between 5 - 15 study hours per week depending on a member's GPA from the previous term.

Grades are monitored by the Vice President of Academic Excellence and the Academic Excellence Committee. Help is given to members who may be in need of assistance. The Academic Excellence Committee (made of up various grade levels and majors) are paired with students who are not in academic good standing of a 2.5 GPA or below. They meet weekly to create study plans, talk about tutoring, and offer advice and help to the student.
Each semester, Sigma Kappa hosts an Academic Excellence Dinner Banquet to recognize students who made the Dean's list. If a student has makes the Dean's list they may receive a gift card (from Starbucks, Dunkin, McDonalds, or Fusion Brew Coffee Shop) of $5 and if they achieve a 4.0 they may receive a gift card of $10.
Total Cost of 1st Sem, 1st Year Total Cost of 2nd Sem, 1st Year Total Cost Per Year of Upper Division Years (Out-of-House) Total Cost Per Year for Upper Division Years (Living-In-House)
$717.00 $404.00 $739 $8,989.00

*Reflects 2020-2021 fees as provided by the chapter


SK House

Chapter Capacity: 42

Residency Type: Singles, Doubles, Triples, and Dormers

Initiated members are required to live in the chapter house after meeting their first year requirements for IWU. Sisters are required to live in the chapter house for three full semesters. Based on seniority and participation, members can petition (annually) to live out of house if all vacancies within the chapter house are filled.

Our chapter house is  houses 42 members in four floors. Our main floor includes our formal living room with a fireplace and grand piano, dining room, and kitchen. Our second floor features a TV lounge, 13 bedrooms which include a personal closet, desk, and dresser for each resident as well as a bed for sleeping, relaxing, or having guests stay over, and a bathroom. Our third floor includes 3 bedrooms like those on our second floor, a bathroom, storage space, and our Dormers (cold and warm with beds for each resident in the house which are always kept dark and quiet) of which our residents have an option of sleeping in the dormers or in the beds in their rooms. Our basement features a TV Lounge with a Big flat-screen TV, a Laundry room with 2 FREE washers and dryers, our Library/Study Room, and a Vending machine. We have a private Parking lot with numbered parking spots for each resident and often members who live out of house.

Meal plans include 15 meals per week as well as access to our open kitchen. Our meals are prepared daily by our chef who can make accommodations for Vegetarians, Vegans, Gluten Intolerance, Lactose Intolerance, Shellfish Allergies, Peanut and Other Nut Allergies. Out of house members may also choose to purchase a meal plan.


National Philanthropies:

S-Sigma Kappa Foundation I- Inherit the Earth G- Gerontology M- Maine Sea Coast Mission A- Alzheimer's Association

Sigma Kappa hosts their annual Bags Tournament for Alzheimer's Research each spring, participates in the Alzheimer's Association's Memory Walk, as well as many local philanthropies, including Habitat for Humanity and local animal shelters and food pantries.

Our members are required to volunteer 10 hours per semester. Sigma Kappa encourages members to volunteer for the sorority's national philanthropies and foundation, as well as any other opportunities of service. Members are not required to donate a specific dollar amount for donations, they are only encouraged.


Length: 6 weeks 

Hours Per Week: 1 - 2 hours per week

Our new members meet once a week to complete the Sigma Kappa Promise Program. During this time we share information regarding Sigma Kappa's values and history with the new members. Rituals are taught to the new members as well. Each meeting includes an educational segment on Sigma Kappa (both at IWU and at a National level). Not only is this a time to teach the new members about Sigma Kappa, but it is also a time to get to know one another better

Hazing Policy
Sigma Kappa considers hazing to be a most destructive and degrading activity which is inconsistent with our ideals and standards. We recognize the dignity of every individual and oppose all forms of hazing. The national council of Sigma Kappa Sorority reaffirms its policy regarding hazing. Each chapter shall have a constructive member development program which enhances our values and goals. Sigma Kappa's new member programs are designed to educate new members in the purpose and ideals of Sigma Kappa. The purpose and ideals guarantee both new members and members the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential.
In December of 1906, the sisters of a local sorority Zeta Theta Delta of Illinois Wesleyan University took a momentous step when they responded to a letter from the Delta chapter of Sigma Kappa. On February 21, 1907, thirteen women were initiated into what has become the oldest continuously active Sigma Kappa chapter. Due to this great honor, Eta holds the original crest made by the founders of Sigma Kappa.

Eta has had several chapter houses over the past 114 years including what are now known as Blackstock and Beadles Halls. Beadles Hall was home to our chapter until the late 70's when our current home was finished.

Sigma Kappa Standards of Excellence, 2 stars. Sigma Kappa Foundation, Silver Circle. Alice Hersey Wick Award, honorable mention. Academic Achievement award. Sisterhood Recognition award. (Awards given at 2011 National Convention for 2010 calendar year)s


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