CPH Vice President of Recruitment

The Vice President of Recruitment develops and implements the schedule for the coming year's recruitment program, plans and organizes recruitment events that better promote all chapters and conducts workshops for chapter recruitment chairs regarding topics of their choice and which also review and clarify all recruitment policies and procedures. She also maintains summer contact with chapter recruitment chairs, evaluates formal recruitment at its completion with chapter recruitment chairs and new members, compiles an analysis of the reasons for potential member withdrawals and keeps up-to-date statistics and reports on recruitment and retention. The Vice President also works with chapters conducting continuous open bidding, holds Recruitment roundtables for reviewing, developing and updating recruitment policies and procedures, submitting them for approval to the Panhellenic Council before the end of the Spring Term, and distributing copies of them when approved to the delegates of the member fraternities.  Following each recruitment period, the Vice President of Recruitment presents a full report, including recommendations to the Panhellenic Council. She updates the recruitment chair manual throughout and following formal recruitment. She serves as the chair of and meets with a Recruitment Committee with representations from all member chapters at least monthly throughout the year, maintains communication with the Recruitment Committee at least twice during the summer break and maintains communication with the Panhellenic Advisor at minimum on a monthly basis over summer break. The Vice President supervises the Panhellenic Recruitment Counselor Coordinator and the Panhellenic Public Relations Coordinator and meets with them for bi-weekly 1-on-1 meetings.

Officer Goals

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