Sigma Chi

Sigma Chi Crest

Alpha Iota Chapter

Mission Statement

Sigma Chi is a brotherhood with roots in the collegiate experience that engenders a lifelong commitment to strive to achieve true friendship, equal just, and the fulfillment of learning as part of our overall responsibilities to the broader communities in which we live.

Our vision at the Alpha Iota chapter of Sigma Chi is to become the preeminent collegiate leadership development organization – aligned, focused, and living our core values. Our mission is to develop values-based leaders committed to the betterment of character, campus, and communities.

Our purpose is to develop, implement, and monitor programs that foster leadership, build character, and promote positive relationships skills which, in turn, enable our members to become productive and caring participants in their families, colleges, and communities.


Fast Facts

Number of Active Chapters: 244

International Founding Date: June 28, 1855

International Founding Location: Miami University, Oxford, OH

IWU Founding Date: May 18, 1883

Organization Colors: Blue and Old Gold

Organization Flower: White Rose

Symbol: The White Cross

Local Chapter Website:

International Headquarter Website:



Grade Point Average Requirements:

To Join (First-Years): 2.500
To Join (Continuing): 2.500
Good Standing (Active Members): 2.500
To Live In House: 2.000

Does your chapter require/offer study hall hours? 

Please describe any assistance or programming that your chapter provides to support the academic achievement for your members.

If a member falls below the required GPA, how does your chapter help them? N/A


Cost for First Year of Membership*  $660
Cost (per year) for Additional Years*  $800
Room (per year)** $5,926 
Board (per year)** $3,520

*Based on 2014-15 fees supplied by the chapter
**Room and Board Fees are the same as living on campus due to facility ownership by IWU

Additional Costs and Fees

Our chapter charges $55 in additional fees for our Formal.  T-shirts are optional and range from $10 - $15 each.

In the event that our chapter house occupancy is below 100%, members are charged an under-capacity fee by the University. The under-capacity fee is determined by dividing the charges for unfilled capacity spots ($500/space/semester) among the members who were eligible to have lived in the chapter house, regardless of residency. The 2017-18 under-capacity fee for Sigma Chi is estimated at $76.25 per semester. Please note, this amount is subject to change based on changes in membership as it is billed on a semester basis.

Any unclaimed common area damages in the chapter facility are divided equally among all chapter residents and exterior key holders. The total common area damages for Fall 2017 was $365.53. The total unclaimed common area damage fees for Fall 2017 was $13.05 per resident.


Chapter Capacity: 39

Sigma Chi House

Residency Type: Single and Double Live In Rooms, Single and Quad Suites, Triple Dormer Rooms

Policies: As part of the IWU residential requirement, our members live in during their sophomore year.  Most residents will live in house for two years unless we are over capacity, in which case members with more seniority have the option of living out of the house.

Meal Plans: Residents are required to board with Sodexo, IWU's Dinning Services. Meal plan options may be found on their website.


International Philanthropy: Huntsman Cancer Institute

International Service Project: Merlin Olsen Day of Service

Local Philanthropy Events and Service Projects: Derby Days, Sig Bowl

Required Service Hours and Donations: N/A


Length: 8 weeks

Hours Per Week: 5

The Jordan Initiative is a movement to eradicate hazing and other practices inconsistent with the Fraternity's values. Its members believe in honoring their oath of initiation and holding Sigma Chis accountable to the highest standards of the International Fraternity, while taking the best possible care of Sigma Chi. If a brother believes in these principles, he is a member of this movement. The Jordan Initiative is also the name of the Fraternity's educational program that deals with preventing hazing. The objectives of its curriculum are as follows:
1. Identify what constitutes hazing and why it persists;
2. Understand how hazing contradicts Sigma Chi's values and ritual;
3. Discuss and understand the ripple effects of hazing;
4. Explain each member's responsibility to confront hazing practices; and
5. Describe the guidelines for bystander intervention.