Theta Chi emblamScholarship Recipients

2014-15: Bram Warshawsky '16


This Giving Circle was created by the men of Theta Chi fraternity at Illinois Wesleyan University to celebrate their brotherhood and support current Theta Chi brothers. The goal is to provide scholarships to as many members of our chapter as possible. We welcome any contributor who is willing to support current Theta Chi actives.

Goal: Fund as many $2,500 scholarships as we can each year. 
The progress bar below updated May 21, 2015.


Current Supporters

Jacob Anderson '10
Melanie Anderson '11
Cynthia Blanco
Evan Djikas '99
Jennifer Djikas
Brian Gegel '94
Conor Howard '04
Mike Komer '03
Warren Kistner '83
Alan Kuchefski '96
Bob Larson '90
Stephanie Larson
Bryan McCannon '98
Shad Meisinger '98
Maria Peak
Phil Peak '98
James Phelan '05
Laura Phelan '05
Chris Puffer
John Puffer '67
Mark Renner '89
Lavon Robinson '09
Brett Schaibley '02
Megan Schaibley
Pamela Schweninger
Richard Schweninger '77
Sam Sheeley '03
Clara Tomlin
Tommy Tomlin '49
Melanie Vega