Fiji DiamondScholarship Recipients

2014-15: Alex Mueller '16, Tom Herrmann '15, Jacob Nave '17 and Ken Richards '15
 Nicholas Liberatore '14, Steven Losos '15, and Peter Ruther '14


This Giving Circle was created by the men of the Alpha Deuteron chapter of Phi Gamma Delta fraternity at Illinois Wesleyan University to celebrate their brotherhood and support current Fiji brothers.
The goal is to provide scholarships to as many members of our chapter as possible. We welcome any contributor who is willing to support current Phi Gamma Delta actives. Fiji currently has the second highest giving participation among alumni of all Greek houses. Your gift to Mighty Proud helps keep Fiji on top.

Goal: Fund as many $2,500 scholarships as we can each year. 
The progress bar below updated June 29, 2015. 


Current Supporters

Michael Berry '07
Rich Berthold '04
Mike Bragg '05
Katie Bragg '06
Jim Bragg
Eileen Bragg
Stephanie Cross
Tim Cross '04
Cade Cummins '05
Katie Cummins '05
Justin Ernat '07
Evelyn Guzman

Ben Hammer '09
John Paul Hills '05
Lauren Hills '06
Ken Holub '06
Megan Holub
Sarah Irvin
Tim Irvin '06
Nick Liberatore '14
Larry Masarsky '06
Mike Mastro '07
Matt Maxwell '07
Van Miller '04
Gary Modrow '07
Dean Padgett '58
Jerry Philpott '59
Kathy Philpott
Jack Rhind '59
Pete Ruther '14
Eric Sander '07
Phil Schmitz '09
Ashley Stephens
Mike Stephens '07
Graeme Twanow '06
Laine Twanow '04
Nina Twanow '06
Tim Wilkins '08
FY14 Mighty Proud Giving Circle Supporters