Your Gifts Support Illinois Wesleyan Students

2005 Grads Smiling

Students have forever come first at Illinois Wesleyan University. In fact, there were students at the University before there was either a President or an organized Board of Trustees. This focus on undergraduates is part of what makes the Illinois Wesleyan experience special, and your gifts ensure that this commitment to undergraduate education endures.


Here are a few of the ways in which your gifts help students:

Providing scholarships and financial aid

IWU provides over $32 million to its students in the form of both merit scholarships and need-based grants. The University is responsible for approximately three-fourths of all need and merit-based aid students receive.

Allowing recruitment of the best and brightest faculty

Quality instruction is the foundation of any educational experience, and Illinois Wesleyan prides itself on its accomplished faculty. Financial support also allows guest lecturers to contribute to the University's rich academic atmosphere.

Fostering leading research at the undergraduate level

Every year, across academic disciplines, IWU students complete individual and collaborative research projects. They present their findings at IWU's John Wesley Powell Research Conference each spring, and some garner invitations to national research conferences, as well.

Building and maintaining top-notch facilities and equipment

Your gifts enhance IWU's ability to provide one of the best small school physical plants in the country. The University is committed to providing facilities that encourage scholarship, community, and well-being within its student body.

Supporting extracurricular and service activities

Illinois Wesleyan believes the college experience should include opportunities to grow personally as well as intellectually. To that end, there are hundreds of registered student organizations on campus. Your gifts help support this effort for sound mind and body.