Why Support Illinois Wesleyan?

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Since the University's founding in 1850, it has relied upon private funds to support its educational mission. In fact, were it not for alumni and friends, our beloved institution would have been moved to Springfield in the early 20th century.  

  • In the early 1900's, financial strain almost forced Illinois Wesleyan to move out of Bloomington. However, in April of 1919, those who loved the University banded together and raised the money necessary to keep IWU where it was. The Board of Trustees ultimately acquired $660,000 from alumni and local business leaders to save our beloved institution from moving.

The High Cost of Education

Educating students is an expensive endeavor, and tuition dollars do not cover this total expense. You might be surprised to learn that, on average, tuition revenue from IWU students and their families covers only about 70% of the cost of their education. Private support from alums and friends is essential to bridge this gap and maintain the quality of education provided by IWU.


There are so many reasons to support Illinois Wesleyan. Those reasons spend their days engaged in lively discussion with professors and classmates, walking on the quad, competing on athletic fields, working in the community, and having fun in between studies. Nearly 9 of every 10 IWU students receive financial assistance that makes their experience possible, and the ability of the University to meet their need is contingent upon the generosity of its supporters.  Learn more.

Standard of Excellence

Financial support is central to IWU's efforts to recruit and retain the best students, faculty, and staff members. In addition, the University must keep its curriculum, technology, facilities, and equipment up to date if it is to provide the highest quality of education.