Meet Beth Janick '06
Beth Janick
"My father worked so hard his whole life to provide my sister and I with the best education.  Despite being diagnosed with lymphoma--a form of cancer, he continued working long hours in order to support our family.  It wasn't until he had a stem cell transplant in August of 2003 that he was forced to stop working.  After a year-long struggle battling the side effects from his transplant as well as suffering a stroke, my dad died late July of 2004 after spending a month in the hospital.  My whole world fell apart as the person that motivated me to be successful would no longer be there.  I could barely imagine going back to school, let alone worry about how my family would afford tuition.

One of the things I love about IWU is its small family like environment, and the Illinois Wesleyan Parent Association is a prime example of this caring community.  On the day of my dad's funeral, my mom received a call from the Financial Aid Office telling her that my tuition would be covered by the Parent Fund, one of the functions of the Parent Association.

For the first time since my dad was admitted into the hospital my mom and I cried tears of joy and thankfulness.  I can't thank the Parent Association enough for giving me the motivation to go on by investing in my future.  I know that one of the happiest days of my life--the day I graduate--will also be one of the hardest because my father will not physically be there; however, I am comforted by the fact that when I receive my diploma, I can see all of the parents who helped support me throughout my last years at Illinois Wesleyan."

            Thank you so much.
            Beth Janick '06

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