Participation Counts

EVERY gift to IWU makes a difference.  Here's why:

1. Participation--the percentage of an institution's alumni population that gives back--is used in ranking methodology, such as that used by US News & World Report

2. Financial support is about the only measurable means of alumni satisfaction

3. Alumni satisfaction is used by bond rating agencies to determine a school's strength--and ultimately the rate at which they will lend that school money

4. Every donor--REGARDLESS OF THE SIZE OF HIS OR HER GIFT--positively affects Illinois Wesleyan's national ranking and bond rating

5. Every alum who does NOT make a gift actually hurts the University's marketing position

6. By fundraising standards, YOU are considered an ALUM as soon as you have completed one semester of your college career

Recent graduates smiling

In effect, by making a charitable gift to IWU each and every year, alumni help to improve the national prominence of the University--and in turn, increase the value of an Illinois Wesleyan degree.  Now is the time to get in the habit of giving SOMETHING every year.

Make Your Gift Today!