All in for Wesleyan

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Show your Titan pride today by supporting the All in for Wesleyan campaign!  Your gift will enter you for a chance to win your name on any of the items below.*  That's right, all donors have an equal opportunity to win naming rights to a piece of our beloved campus.


Painted Rock

Legend tells us that this painted rock was a mere pebble in 1850 when Illinois Wesleyan was first founded. Over time, Titans have crept into the dark of night to leave their mark via latex paint signatures. But today is your day to mark this pebble-turned-boulder with the ultimate mark – your John Hancock.


Hot Spot

The Hot Spot

This drab slab of cement has been warming the hearts and backsides of Titans for generations. This Quad sauna clearly has a utilitarian purpose...but what does it do? Provide access to gas lines? Retain untapped geothermal reserves? Students will always be drawn to this rectangle of perpetual heat as one of IWU’s wonders. If you’re drawn to brick and mortar projects, this naming opportunity will have you steaming.



Cereal Scoop

As we’ve all learned, cereal simply tastes better when scooped from a 5 gallon bin. As students, we don’t always appreciate these little things, but they wouldn’t be possible without silent supporters like you. Well, you don’t have to be quiet any longer. Your nameplate will be a constant reminder that alumni help make even the little things happen.

Ice Cream

Ice Cream Handle

Nothing can rival the sweetness of the soft-serve ice cream in the Commons, except maybe the sweetness of having your name on such magnificence. You'll even have your choice of naming the vanilla or chocolate handle.

Donor Goal

2,000 donors

Make A Gift

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