giveitforwardhomecoming14 Scholarship Recipients

2016-17: Crystal Ocampo-Fernandez '18
Zachary Taylor '16 and Samuel Lalonde '17
Nicole Jovicevic '16 and Samuel Lalonde '17
 David McGrath '15 and Blair Wright '15
2012-13: Ryan Dyar '14


The Give It Forward Scholarship was established by Paul Halvorsen and, like Paul himself, the scholarship is small on frills and big on heart. It is a simple mission—but a grand vision. While most Giving Circles bring together donors connected by a shared affiliation or organization, the Give It Forward Scholarship is open to anyone and everyone who would like to participate as a donor. Current donors to the scholarship share only their respect for one another and their love for Illinois Wesleyan, and they would like nothing more than to add members in order to award additional funds in the future. The scholarship is awarded to students with financial need and an interest in serving others.

Goal: Fund as many $2,500 scholarships as we can each year.

The progress thermometer below reflects FY17 totals.


Current Supporters

Elizabeth Bushman
Patrick Bushman '90
Brian Connolly '91
Doug Eeten
Maria Eeten (Sutter) '90
Jill Huber (Jolly) '83

William Huber
Chris Murray '91
Kimberly Murray (Donahue) '92
Nick Nichols '13
Chris Poulin '91

Christie Poulin (Brewster) '98
Sarah Pritts (Dahlgren)
Tim Pritts '91
Jim Richter '93
Carly Wilson '12

FY16 Give It Forward Supporters
FY15 Give it Forward Supporters
FY14 Give it Forward Supporters