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Scholarship Recipients

2016-17: Timur Chen '18, Sean Grady '17, Sam Lundquist '17, Binh Plan '19, Connor Simmons '19, Nolan Valdiva '17, Brian Yager '17
Ziven Chinburg '16, Sean Grady '17, Matt Piotrowiak '16, Robin Tumlos '16, Brian Yager '17  
Derek England '15, Aaron Woodstein '15 and Ziven Chinburg '16
2013-14: Derek England '15 and Aaron Woodstein '15


The ACACIA 915 Scholarship is supported by alumni of the Illinois Wesleyan University chapter of ACACIA fraternity. It provides financial aid to current undergraduates, and memorializes brothers who have passed to the chapter eternal.

The name of the scholarship has special meaning to many of the contributors because, for several decades, 915 was the address of the ACACIA chapter house on the southeast corner of North Main Street, where it intersects with Empire Street. The chapter house was lost to fire in the early 1980s.

The progress thermometer below was updated September 16, 2016.


Current Supporters  

Carroll Bross (Mites) '65
Larry Bross '66
Andrew Giordano '02
Tanya Giordano (Simokaitis) '04
Reed Nelson '66


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