The German Studies major includes one third of required courses to be taken abroad in an approved program; with the rest taken at IWU. The ten-course major fits well into student programs that include a second major. The requirements balance language-focused courses with those that have definite content involving literature, film, and culture. Majors gain language fluency along with skills in cultural negotiation, critical thinking and expression, as well as literary and film analysis. Courses taken abroad can be in a variety of pre-approved disciplines beyond literature and cultural studies (See Ger 330, Ger 360). Students may also opt to take a course in German Business Culture or German for Human Rights.

Major Sequence in German Studies:

A minimum of ten courses (for students exempted from 201 and/or 202, also ten courses), five of which must be taken at IWU including:

German Language Sequence

  1. German 201
  2. German 202

Bridge course (Content with Advanced Grammar)

  1. Ger 230 German for Human Rights (AV)

Upper Level Courses

  1. One of Ger 310 German Business Culture, Ger 312 Introduction to German Literature (LIT)
  2. One course to be chosen from the following: the other of 310/312, 340, 370, 387
  3. German 330, 350 and 360 to be taken abroad in Germany.
  4. One of Ger 418, 488
  5. Additional courses from 5) and 7) above or Ger 499 as needed
  6. Ger 490 Senior Thesis (W)
  7. One semester of study abroad is required for the major.

***Students interested in completing an Honors Project see page 59 of the University Catalog

Minor Sequence:

A minimum of six courses (students exempted from 201 and/or 202 are also required to take six courses), three of which must be taken at IWU.

  1. Ger 201, Ger 202
  2. Ger 230
  3. One of Ger 310, 312
  4. Two courses to be chosen from the following: the other of 310/312, Ger 330, 340, 350, 350, 370, 387, 418, 488
  5. Additional courses as needed from 4) above, as needed

While not required for the minor, study abroad is highly encouraged.


Students may elect to take the equivalent of Ger 102 or Ger 201 in Bremen during May Term.