Chair and Professor of German and Eastern European Studies

Ph.D. in Germanic Studies, University of Minnesota; M.A. in Modern European History, University of California - Los Angeles; B.A., Indiana University.

Her research focuses on (East) German literature and film, Heimat discourse, ecotopia, and science fiction. She is the editor of the new book series World Science Fiction Studies with Peter Lang. Her publications include: The Liverpool Companion to World Science Fiction Film , editor (Liverpool University Press, 2014),  Science Fiction Literature in East Germany (Peter Lang, 2006); articles in the German Quarterly, German Politics & Society, German Studies Review, Women in German Yearbook, Film & History, ExtrapolationUtopian Studies and Filmforum.  She has received grants from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and Fulbright, among others. She currently serves as President of the Association of Departments of Foreign Languages (ADFL) and also as the Vice-President of the Southern Illinois Association of American Teachers of German (AATG). She is also on the editorial advisory boards of Extrapolation and the Brazilian science fiction journal Zanzalá. See her talk about German science fiction and her interview with Europa SF.

At IWU since 2001, she teaches all levels of German language as well as upper division courses in 20th and 21st century German literature and film, German for Human Rights, and German Business Culture. She also regularly teaches courses in English on German and Russian utopia/science fiction, Central European Women's writing, and German cinema. Finally, she always enjoys teaching the first year writing seminar on various topics including Intro to Science Fiction, Green Literature, Feminist Science Fiction, and Science Fiction Film. She regularly serves as the IWU Coordinator for Russian and Eastern European Studies (REES) concentration in International Studies.

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Ger 101 - 301 Beginning German through Advanced German
Ger 230 German for Human Rights
Ger 310 German Business Culture
Ger 418 German Culture Since 1945 (CHC)
Ger 488 From Democracy to Dictatorship (Lit)
LC 116 German Postwar Cinema (Art, G)
LC 272 From Utopian to Science Fiction: Imagining the Future in Russia and Germany (IT, G)
LC 274 The Superwomen in Central European Fiction and Film (CHC, W, G)
Gateway 100 Introduction to Science Fiction
Gateway 100 It's Not Easy Being Green
Gateway 100 Amazons, Cyborgs, and She-Monsters
Humanities 104 World of Ideas Sequence: Revolution, Industry, and the Quest for Identity, 1800 to the present

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