German Studies

After Graduation

What can you do with a BA in German?

Alumni Perspectives

Read our alumni profiles to find out more about what they are doing after graduation.

Beth Anne Roberts - 2010

Michael Zaremba Jr. - 2009

Greg Armstrong Macdonald - 2005

Matthew Thompson - 2005

Some past graduates

Cameron Leberecht '16 (German minor, International Business major) is a writer for VSA partners.

Amelia Smith '15 (German minor, Psychology major) currently holds a Teaching Fellowship in Austria.

Alyssa Aiello '15 (German minor, Biology major) is pursuing graduate studies in Forensic Science.

Michelle Schoch '15 (German minor, Business major) is currently working as a Marketing Specialist at Patterson Medical.

Paige Kinnamon '15 (German minor, Theater major) holds a supervisor position in Minnesota.

Annika Ewaldz '14 (German major, Psychology major) is pursuing graduate studies in Psychology.

Mike Roy '14 (German major) is pursuing graduate studies in TESL.

Abby Lyons '14 (German minor, Music Performance major) is pursuing her music studies.

Amanda Stoeke '12 (German minor, Elementary Education major) just returned home from a Teaching Assistantship in Austria.

Sarah Moir '12 (German major, International Studies major), works in IT at a Big Ten University.

Grace Kelmer '12 (German major, Music major) just finished an Arts Management graduate program.

Coco Bassey '10 (German major, International Studies major) M.A. in Global Communications and Media, Works at a German Environmental Research Company

Cassie Stachniw '10 (German major, International Studies major) is a social worker.

Beth Anne Roberts '10 (German major with Research Honors, English major) is pursuing a graduate degree in German.

Karlin Sangdahl '09 (German major, History major) is a lawyer.

Sara Laney '09 (German minor, Sociology major) is a social worker.

Jessica Olsen '08 (German minor, English and Education major) went to Hamburg, Germany on a Teaching Fulbright in 2008-2009 and currently teaches English and German in Rockford, IL.

Jenny Knop '08 (German major, Math Major) completed her M.A. in German with Teaching Certification at Illinois State University and now teaches in the Chicago area.

Eileen Ouska '07 (German minor, Accounting Major) is pursuing her Accounting career in Chicago, Ill.

Laura Myford '05 (German major, Anthropology Major) received her M.A. in International Development and Anthropology from George Washington University. Laura studied abroad in Berlin, Germany and on the island of Samoa.

Matt Thompson '04 (German minor, Political Science Major) received his M.A. in Museum Studies in Missouri and now works at a presidential library and museum.

Emily Frazier '04 (German student, Music Education major) received a Research Fulbright to Dresden 2004-2005 for a project in musicology.

Anne Herrmann '03 (German major, Business major) received a Congress Bundestag Award for study/internship in 2003-04 in Germany. She currently is a teacher in the Chicago area.

We'd love to heard from former students in our program!  How are you?  What are you doing?  Where are you?  Please send us your news!