May Term - IS270/IS370

 May Term 2013 - IS270/IS370 A Tale of Three Cities:
Vienna, Bratislava, Prague (CHC, G)

Students in Vienna

Come with us to discover the wonders of Prague, Bratislava and Vienna! Our travel course to Central Europe provides IWU students with a unique opportunity to see these influential cities. Learn about the cultural, political, and social histories as you visit the castles, churches and synagogues that helped to shape them. View the art and theater that brought about a revolution. Immerse yourself in contemporary cosmopolitan life as you meet locals and visit urban markets, cafés, restaurants, and shops. 

This course provides an introduction to the cultures of Austria, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. The first portion of the course will be on campus. It will prepare students with useful background knowledge, which will enable them to select a research project. They will also collect material for this project before and during the second, travel portion of the course. Students will write up their research paper upon returning to campus. Students will also be asked to keep a travel journal while on the road. Attendance and full preparation and participation are required at all course meetings on campus and abroad.

To enroll or for more detailed itinerary information contact your course leaders:

Sonja Fritzsche, sfritzsc, 556-3290
Marina Balina, mbalina, 556-3082


Students in Vienna

Lennon Wall

Prague's Lennon Wall








Prague from the famous Charles Bridge













Cerny Sculptures - Prague













St. Nicholas Church - Prague


Cheese Plate and Espresso on the Charles River