The intangibles

  • It is for students interested in finding out about the world outside of the United States. Those who wish to explore, encounter, become excited and intrigued by other ways of thinking, living and doing.
  • It is for the student who loves the fact that they can express a new idea via German that they can't say or think of in English.
  • It is for the student who wishes to find out more about themselves and their own culture as they compare what they learn about German-speaking countries with their hometown and family life.
  • It is for the student who seeks a richer life by learning how to learn, learning how to ask questions, learning to think, learning to be comfortable with difference and ambiguity.

and yes we do these tangible academic things too:

  • It explores the language and culture of the dominant economic power in the European Union.
  • It provides the key to the rich musical heritage of Germany and Austria
  • It gives a peek into the rich literary and film heritage of German-speaking countries.
  • It enriches knowledge of English as a Germanic language
  • It increases awareness of one of the largest groups of immigrants to the U.S.A.
  • It provides students with greater cultural literacy and develops excellent communication skills (writing, reading, speaking, listening) that easily transfer to the English language as well.
  • It provides excellent inter-cultural communication skills

Who majors in German Studies?

  • Students in Western European Studies, Russian and Eastern European Studies, or Diplomatic Studies
  • Students who would like to sharpen their business interests with German Studies
  • Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Art, Theater or Music
  • Students interested in English, History, Political Science, Economics, Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, and Women's Studies
  • Students interested in secondary education. 
  • Many students combine a German Major with another field, including other foreign languages and English.
  • Some students study German because it is different from anything else they do, and they love that.

 What do they do after graduation?