Herbstsemester 2014


Weekly - Stammtisch/German Table - Wednesday 12-1 pm in the DugOut/Memorial Center

Saturday, Sept 21, 1 pm: Oktoberfest! (Franklin Park)

Tuesday, Oct 28, 7:30 pm  Nosferatu with live organ accompaniment - Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts

December 6 - Christkindlmarkt

Other Events of Interest

Thursday, Sept 25 4 pm, Beckman Guest talk, Dr. Ada Bieber, Humboldt University Berlin, International Studies Colloquium
   "Bridges into Holocaust Memory: Janusz Korczak's Orphanage as a Subject of Two Contemporary Polish and German Picture Books"

Sunday - Tuesday, October 5-7  Fall of the Iron Curtain Conference - Multiple Events See schedule

International Film Series in the Ames Library every Thursday evening

German Film Series  *All films begin at 7 pm*  

Thursday, 25 Sept in SFH 022:
Good Bye Lenin (2003) – A comedy about saying goodbye to East Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Tuesday, 30 Sept in Buck 12: 
Die freudlose Gasse/Joyless Street (1925) – A classic film with Greta Garbo and Asta Nielsen. Two women try to better themselves in post-war Vienna.

Thursday, 9 Oct in Buck 12:
M – Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder/M- A City Searches for a Murderer (1931) – The greatest detective thriller ever by the master Fritz Lang!

Sunday, 12 Oct in Beckman Auditorium, Ames Library:
City of War: The Story of John Rabe (2009) – The head of a Siemens factory in Nanking attempts to save civilians during the Japanese Occupation of the city during World War II.

Thursday, 23 Oct in Beckman, Ames:
Baron von Münchhausen (1943) -- Part of International Film Series – A fantasy comedy of a German folktale about a man who never grows old. This version was filmed under the National Socialists as a distraction.

Thursday, 13 Nov in Buck 12:
(2011) – Turkish guest workers try to adapt to their new German home.  German subtitles only/no English.

Tuesday, 18 Nov in Beckman, Ames Library:
Das Leben der Anderen/The Lives of Others (2006) – An agent in the East German secret police becomes involved in the lives of the artists he is spying on.

Sunday2 Nov in Beckman Auditorium, Ames Library: Theresienstadt: Der Führer schenkt den Juden eine Stadt/Terezin - The Führer Gives the Jews a City (1944) – Hitler commissioned this film with the idea of demonstrating to the Red Cross and the world that his concentration camps were humane.

Thursday, 20 Nov in Beckman Auditorium:
Joyeux Noël (2005) -- Part of International Film Series – The story of the spontaneous ceasefire during Christmas Eve on the front lines of World War I.

Frühlingsemester 2015

Weekly - German Club Stammtisch/German Table  - TBA in the DugOut/Memorial Center

Saturday, TBA - 4 pm: Dinner at the Bayernstube in Gibson City - sponsored by the German Club

Saturday, TBA - 4:30 pm: German Alum-Student dinner - come meet former German students at IWU!

After Spring Break - Exhibit on the East German Comic Book Mosaik in the Ames Library, translated from German by IWU students

Friday/Saturday 10.-11. April German Undergraduate Research Conference, IWU 

All IWU students are also invited to the weekly ISU/B-NCommunity Stammtisch at Medici's on Thursdays during the ISU semester starting at 6 pm.