Office of Student Activities and Leadership Programs

Whether it is striving to provide a safe and inclusive space where students can express themselves, bringing in performers that students can connect/identify with, or providing a venue where LGBQ TGNC events are held; the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Programs supports and serves LGBQ TGNC students.

Current and past student organizations that provide support for the LGBQ TGNC community include IWU Pride Alliance and Jugglers Against Homophobia. Stop in to the Involvement Center in the Dug Out to explore involvement opportunities or discuss how your passions can be reflected through participation in an existing RSO or the development of something brand new!

The Titan Leadership Program and First Year Leadership Institute both include content training on the importance of relational, values-based, and ethical leadership, including leadership grounded broadly in practices of inclusion. LGBQ TGNC students are valued as applicants and members of these important developmental programs. 

It is an important value for our Office of Student Activities programmers that all students are exposed to performers and entertainers that are relatable and authentic, reflecting a broad range of identities and characteristics, and challenging mainstream assumptions and stereotypes.  We are proud to invite a diverse slate of artists to campus each semester, and Hansen Center Court has hosted the following LGBQ TGNC performers in recent years: Jen Kober, Madeline Hsu-Li, and the Rev Jamie Washington, among others.