Resources for Queer People of Faith


  • Believe Out Loud

    • Believe Out Loud is an online community dedicated to supporting Christian Queer Youth and fighting for justice for the LGBQA TGNCI community.

  • Believe Out Loud Welcoming Church Map

    • Believe Out Loud created a map of all churches in the US that are LGBQA TGNCI friendly.
  • Gay Christian Network

    • The GNC is a network of Christians dedicated to making Christian spaces more inclusive to the LGBQA TGNCI community and fighting discrimination.
  • Muslims for Progressive Values

    • The YouTube channel "Muslims for Progressive Values" has a series of lectures dismantling religious based homophobia, along with providing tips on self empowerment and mental health.
  • JQ Youth 

    • JQ Youth is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the Jewish Queer Community, addressing the unique needs of Queer Jewish Youth and advocating for LGBQA TGNCI rights.



The following congregations in Bloomington/Normal welcome LGBQA TGNCI members:

Evelyn Chapel

The Office of the Chaplain and the Evelyn Chapel welcome conversations about the spiritual life and contributions of LGBQA TGNCI persons among all walks of faith.  Our space is sacred and safe, and you are welcome here.  To that end, IWU Pride Alliance holds its weekly meetings in the Evelyn fellowship space.  The University Chaplain's office is a Safe Zone.

Hope Church


A United Methodist congregation seeking to provide a spiritual home for a new generation of Christ followers in Bloomington Normal IL.


New Covenant Community

WebsiteFacebookTwitter • 309.454.7362 •

A progressive Christian congregation in Normal, IL for those who value spiritual searching over religious certainty. Our purpose is to continue in our time what Jesus began in his – working for the healing of our world as an inclusive, compassionate, joyful community.


Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington-Normal

Website • 309.828.0235 •

If you are looking for a religious home that welcomes all people please join us! We offer a community that celebrates the diversity of all people, a place where your gifts and your concerns are equally embraced, a place where love and service are the guiding values.