LGBTQ+ Class of 2014

April 2014 marked Illinois Wesleyan's first ever Lavender Graduation celebration! Two faculty members were recognized for their support of LGBTQ+ students:

IWU's very first honorees included: Rebecca Blumer, Bobby Castillo, Athena Cocallas, Christopher Grills, Kelly Lamorena, Kevin Mangan, Calob Pluhm, Christopher Richardson, Jordan Riddle, Hannah Smith, Samantha Taylor, Amy Werner, and Kayla White. These graduating students showed excellence and dedication to the LGBTQ+ community during their time at IWU. 

Lavender Graduation 2014 will be remembered as a time in IWU's history that was dedicated toward moving forward and improving the campus climate for LGBTQAs. 

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"Lavender Graduation was a great way to culminate my involvement in LGBT+ student life. Getting recognized for my efforts and being able to celebrate with the people I care most about, and who have supported me so much, was truly impactful. I have always felt so honored to be part of a campus that celebrates diversity and strives to be better. This was the perfect way to recognize how far we've come and gear up for all that is left to do." - Amy Werner

"It was fantastic to hear the stories of fellow graduates about the faculty that were honored and a good reminder that there is great support on our campus for the LGBTQ+ community. Hearing Dean Green's speech only further confirmed that our campus and community are moving forward in making every student feel comfortable on campus." - Calob Pluhm

2014 Lavender Graduation Program

Program booklet (.pdf)