Pride Alumni CommunityLGBTQ+ Alumni Project

An important aspect of identity development takes place when students are able to see the ways in which LGBTQ+ identities are embodied through the lives and experiences of Pride Alumni Connectionthose who have come before them.  Connecting the past, present and future, and understanding that there are career pathways for LGBTQ+s that connect to all of our academic programs is a critical way that students are supported by alums and that bridges are built between students and alums.  

The LGBTQ+ Alumni project will feature profiles of LGBTQ+ alumni of Illinois Wesleyan University.  Each alumni participant will provide a picture, some basic demographic information and answer 5 questions:

  • Name
  • Grad year
  • Major(s)/Minor(s)
  • Profession (position, field, etc)
  • Where you currently reside
  • Can you share a few favorite memories of IWU?
  • Where, how and from whom did you see support for people with LGBTQ identities when you were at IWU?
  • What challenges existed for LGBTQ individuals on campus during your IWU experience?
  • How has your identity influenced your life and career choices?
  • What advice would you have for LGBTQs or Allies who are Wesleyan students today?  
  • Do you know of any LGBTQ+ alums who should be invited to participate in the alumni project?

Profile pages will become a part of the LGBT student life section of the IWU website:  Responses will also become a part of the Illinois Wesleyan Archives as we attempt to provide history and documentation of LGBTQ+ people and experiences at IWU.

Profile pages will not be indexed by Google or other internet search engines, and therefore will not appear in search results.  Profile pages will be public pages, though, so anyone with the direct link would have access to the page.  Pages/content would be removed at anytime upon request.

New profiles will be promoted within the IWU Pride Alliance Facebook group which is a closed group, meaning that permission must be provided to join and participate.  Participants are largely students and those involved in local LGBT+ advocacy organizations.

If you are willing to participate, please provide your picture and answers to the questions above by email to or  We thank you for your consideration!