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Professor Scott Sheridan explores Italian cuisine with the Italian 102 class.
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The Global Titans first-year fellows program allows students to engage in discussions of global issues that affect politics, economics, or culture on a larger scale, so that they can become informed citizens and prepare to make a difference in the world. 


Being a Global Titan includes attendance at campus-wide Global Titan related co-curricular events; guest speakers and symposia by international scholars, musical and theatrical performances, the International Film Series, I-House, and more.  Students will participate in an early January workshop focusing on a global issue in the news, a common spring reading group with a book discussion, and a Spring Break trip to Chicago to visit embassies meet with alumni with careers in diplomacy, international business, and global science issues such as climate change and food production.

As a Global Titan participant you would be enrolled in the same Gateway Colloquium class as all Global Titans in Fall 2018, and commit to being an active part of the intellectual life on campus. 

The expectations for participation are:

  • Enrollment in the same Gateway Colloquium in Fall 2018
  • Attendance at all meetings and announced “Global Titan” co-curricular campus events
  • Participation in an overnight excursion to Chicago (expenses paid), itinerary TBD
  • Attendance at a January workshop focusing on a global issue in the news and follow-up campus outreach
  • Discussion of a common book group reading
  • Selection of a guest speaker to be invited to campus in late spring


Criteria for admission to Global Titans cohort will be based on students’ demonstrated interest in global issues as revealed through an expression of past experiences, ideals, and future aspirations.  Admission to the Global Titans First-year Fellows Program is based on materials you have already submitted to IWU, together with your brief response to the question in this application form.  Enrollment in this program will be limited to 15-28 students who are dedicated to the Global Titans goals.  Students in all majors are invited to apply, as well as those who are undecided.  There is absolutely no fee associated with participation in this program.


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