Titans for Change

IWU students and faculty travel to the Chicago Women's March 2017.
fye titans for change

How are activists using art, literature, music, film, and poetry to respond to inequity and injustice in the U.S.A. today? What is the relationship to this growing body of work and protest movements such as LGTBQ+ Rights, Black Lives Matter, The Dreamer Movement, Standing Rock, the Women's March, and Me Too? How are the leaders of these movements informed and inspired by the work of activist authors, musicians, and artists, and vice versa? This First-Year Experience will explore the lives and work of activists who have used their talents to expose inequality, protest injustice, and mobilize meaningful change. Students will interact with contemporary activists from Chicago and Bloomington-Normal, and produce an online exhibit on activism at IWU. 


The Spring semester will include a weekend trip to Chicago to meet with activists and community leaders involved in contemporary movements focused on social, political, and environmental reform. Students will also attend cultural events that illuminate the ways in which these movements are making a difference.

The Titans for Change program is a full-year experience. All program participants will be enrolled in a Gateway Colloquia titled Protest USA in Fall 2018, and will commit to being an active part of the intellectual life on campus through these opportunities:

●       Attend two of IWU’s oldest traditions: President’s Convocation in  September 5, 2018 , and Founder’s Day Convocation  February 13, 2019
●       Participate in the Dialogues Across Disciplines program (dedicated to fostering high-level scholarly discussion on campus and student engagement with faculty research) with fellow students and faculty from across campus
●       Engage with prominent scholars, artists, and musicians through special events related to the 2018-2019 University Intellectual Theme, “Changing Climates”
●       Have lunch in the Hart Career Center while learning about how activist leadership skills translate to professional life
●       Interview a member of the campus community who identifies as an "activist," and work with classmates to create an online exhibit on activism at IWU
●       Enroll in a half-credit, experience-based course in Spring 2019
●       Participate in a weekend excursion to Chicago in Spring 2019 (Dates TBD)

Admission to the Titans for Change program is based on materials you have already submitted to IWU, together with your brief response to the question in the attached application link. Applications are due by April 15, 2018.

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