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Student Employment

The purpose of Student Employment is to assist students in finding opportunities to work on- or off- campus in order to provide financial assistance and to give valuable employment experience.

Each academic year, students who qualify for work study are identified as having a job need by the results of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  This job need makes a student eligible for a work study opportunity. The Financial Aid Office determines the amount the student may earn.  Not every student receiving need-based financial aid receives work study funds as part of his or her aid package.  Eligibility for work study can change each year depending on family financial circumstances, it is not guaranteed for each year a student is enrolled.  Work Study jobs are located on-campus, and some opportunities are available in local community-based, non-profit, and/or governmental community service organizations. While the majority of available positions are reserved for work study eligible students, there are limited job opportunities on-campus for students not eligible for the work study program. 

Both on-campus and off-campus work experience help to develop a variety of skills.  Development of communication and interpersonal skills proves to be very useful as you pursue a future career. Student Employment can help in establishing and refining these skills in addition to providing with financial assistance.  The Student Employment Program is one of the many services provided by the Financial Aid Office, located in Room #1, Holmes Hall.   If you have any questions at any time throughout the year regarding student employment, please contact the Financial Aid Office (556-3096).

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