If I don’t have work study in my financial aid package, can I still work?
Due to the number of work study students vs. the number of jobs available, there are limited jobs that can be considered payroll for students who do not have work study in their financial aid package.  Departments with jobs that require a special skill or talent may be able to hire students as payroll if someone with work study is not available to take the position.  These positions are ones such as tutoring a foreign language, computer tech positions, teaching assistant positions, building sets or sewing costumes for plays in the Theatre department, raising support from alumni, life guarding, playing a musical instrument, etc. All departments intending to hire a student for a payroll position must submit an appeal through the Student Employment Office for approval, however.  Also, if a department has not filled all of its positions by October 1st, the department can hire a payroll student ONLY until the end of the semester.  At semester break the position needs to be opened back up to a student with work study in his/her financial aid package.
If hired, is there anything I need to do before I will be authorized to start working?
Yes, United States law requires anyone who is employed to complete the I9/W4 employment forms. You will need to show documents that establish both identity and eligibility to work in the United States before the forms will be considered complete.  Examples of acceptable forms that establish identity include: a school ID, driver's license, state ID or a passport. Examples of forms that establish eligibility to work in the U.S. include social security card, birth certificate, or a passport. A complete list of documents is listed on the back side of the I9 form.  Federal regulation states that the documents must be the original, with exception of the birth certificate which must be a certified copy if not the original.  Copies and faxes cannot be accepted. 
Where can I find these required employment forms?
The Financial Aid Office will have these forms.  As an incoming student with work study as part of your financial aid package however, these forms will be sent home during the summer. 
Where can I find out what jobs are available?
Most jobs on campus are classified as work study.  Work study is a type of need based aid that is awarded based on financial need and will be listed in your award letter if you qualify for the award.  Available positions will be posted on the job website located in the Student Employment section on the Financial Aid website. Jobs are not guaranteed as students must secure a position on their own. 
How many hours can I work per week?
Typically students are awarded a student employment amount of $2400 for the school year.  In order to earn this amount over the course of the school year, a student will need to work 10 hours per week, or 145.5 hours per semester or 291 hours for the school year.  If a student works more than 10 hours per week, once the $2400 amount is earned, the student will be notified that his/her work study amount has been earned and will be asked to stop working. A student can choose to work less than 10 hours per week if they are not concerned with earning the maximum award, however.  It is up to the student and his/her family. (Please refer to the student employment handbook for more information on the student employment program).
Can I work more than one campus job?
It depends.  Holding two work study positions is allowed if the student is splitting the 10 hours between two departments, or picking up extra hours because he/she has fallen behind in earnings toward the financial aid package award. Otherwise typically students are allowed to work only one 10 hour per week job but occasionally students who are working a 10 hour per week work study job are also requested to work one of the specialty payroll jobs mentioned earlier.  If it is approved, the student is allowed to work both jobs but can only work up to 5 hours at the second approved position if working the full 10 hours with the work study job.  Only on rare occasions through an appeal process is a student allowed to hold two 10 hour per week positions that are considered work study only jobs.  
How much will I get paid?
Illinois Wesleyan University pays the Illinois minimum wage rate which is currently $8.25 per hour. 
How often will I get paid?
Students receive payment once per month during the school year and bi-weekly in the summer.  The pay date for the school year is currently on the tenth of each month or the Friday before if the tenth falls on a weekend.
 Where can I pick up my checks?
If students do not opt to have their checks directly deposited to their bank accounts, paychecks are available in the Business Office, located at 109 Holmes Hall. Please be prepared to present a picture ID for verification before the check will be released.

Updated 12-16-2014