Faculty and Staff Milestones 2010

FORTIETH YEAR Mike Young History Department

THIRTY-FIFTH YEAR Jon Dey Biology Department
  Tom Moore Physical Plant
  Sandi Myers Office of Residential Life
  Dave Shiers Physical Plant
  Debbie Smyth Admissions Office

THIRTIETH YEAR Mary Ann Bushman English Department
  Bob Delvin The Ames Library
  Bob Dillon Physical Plant
  Tim Garvey School of Art

TWENTY-FIFTH YEAR Paul Edwards Physical Plant
  Judy Ekstam Physical Plant
  Robert Frank Physical Plant
  Lawney Gruen Physical Plant
  Jay Langhoff Physical Plant
  Stephanie Ridgeway Physical Plant
  Scott Seibring Financial Aid Office

TWENTIETH YEAR Teddy Amoloza Sociology and Anthropology Department
  Gaye Bailey Office of the Registrar
  Charlotte Brown Philosophy Department
  Jim Dougan Psychology Department
  Kathie Dyson Physical Plant
  David Gentry Security Department
  Jean Kerr School of Theatre Arts
  Tim McMullen Publications, Printing & Mailing Services
  Mauricio Parra Hispanic Studies Department
  Missy Smock Wellness Program
  Curtis Trout School of Theatre Arts
  Bill Walsh Department of Business Administration

FIFTEENTH YEAR Susan Bassi Office of the President
  Jerel Braun Physical Plant
  Durward Cawley Physical Plant
  Zahia Drici Mathematics and Computer Science Department
  Teresa Fish Physical Education Department
  Eric Gordon Publications, Printing & Mailing Services
  Warren Kistner Career Center
  Linda Kunce Psychology Department
  Robin Leavitt Educational Studies Department
  Gloria Redinger The Ames Library
  Ron Roth Physical Plant
  Ron Rousey Physical Plant
  Gerry Schroeder Physical Plant
  Dan Terkla English Department
  Gary Wilcoxson Physical Plant
  Dave Willis Department of Business Administration

TENTH YEAR Alba Alvarado Physical Plant
  Margaret Anderson Admissions Office
  Scott Campbell Physical Plant
  William Carney Bookstore
  Will Jaeckle Biology Department
  Chris Kawakita Admissions Office
  Rick Lindquist Information Technology
  Kevin Long Bookstore
  Diego Mendez-Carbajo Economics Department
  Ted Morris Philosophy Department
  William Munro Political Science Department
  Jeanne Oost School of Theatre Arts
  Crystal Post Admissions Office
  Adam Rader Physical Plant
  Pat Rosenbaum Office of the Dean of Students
  Kelly Scheffert Financial Aid Office
  Thad Sutter Bookstore
  Pat Zehr Information Technology

FIFTH YEAR Mandi Baker Advancement Office
  Bernadette Brennan School of Theatre Arts
  John Bryant Business Office
  Kathy Cavins Office of the Dean of Students
  Kelly Galbraith-Wade Arnold Health Services
  Greg Huffaker Physical Education Department
  Tim Johnson Information Technology
  Ryan Lakin Physical Education Department
  Kim Logston Physical Plant
  Van Miller Admissions Office
  Annorah Moorman Counseling and Consultation Services
  Jair Patino Physical Plant
  Thomas Quinn School of Theatre Arts
  Tony Robbins Physical Education Department
  Marty Smith Advancement Office

Retirees Susan Anderson-Freed Mathematics and Computer Science Department
  Barb Bowman English Department
  Donna Hartweg School of Nursing
  Sandra Kelch Physical Plant
  Chris Prendergast Sociology and Anthropology Department
  Roger Schnaitter Office of the Associate Provost