Class of 2009 Reading Assignment

Dear Parents of the Class of 2009:

All of the members of the Class of 2009 received a letter last week advising them of Illinois Wesleyan's Summer Reading Program, which provides an opportunity for students to join the Illinois Wesleyan intellectual community in reading and discussing a shared text. This year's text, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, touches on themes of interest to scholars from every corner of the university.

Read a news release about the summer reading program

In that letter we asked that students buy a copy of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein this summer to prepare for our discussions. We selected the Norton Critical Edition of Frankenstein edited by J. Paul Hunter (ISBN 0-393-96458-2). Hunter includes scholarly criticism in this volume that was published when Mary Shelley first published the novel in 1818, as well as additional criticism from contemporary literary theorists. One of those scholars, Anne Mellor, will visit the IWU campus in September to further discuss the some of the issues and themes suggested by Frankenstein. The Norton edition, then, will give students the chance to read some of her scholarship before she arrives on campus.

Several students have reported that the Norton Critical edition is not available at their local bookstore and have asked if they could use another version or edition instead. Because our discussions will refer to the text and to the critical articles included in the Norton Edition, students will be best served by ordering the assigned edition. It is available from the major online outlets and just about any local bookstore can order it upon request.

We are also hoping that parents may decide to read the text. Please don't hesitate to contact either Professor Carolyn Nadeau, the Coordinator of First Year Advising ( cnadeau@iwu.edu ), or Frank Boyd, Director of General Education ( fboyd@iwu.edu ), with any questions.


Carolyn Nadeau
Coordinator of First-Year Advising

Frank A. Boyd
Director of General Education