Parent Board

The Parent Board is a group of Illinois Wesleyan parents who aim to assist students and strengthen the parent-University relationship.  Our efforts primarily include promoting the Parent Fund , participating in on-campus programs, creating and publishing the e-Parent Newsletter , and representing IWU within and outside the campus community.

Parent Fund: supports students who lose their breadwinning parent while enrolled at the University; keeps them from having to leave IWU for financial reasons; long-term goal is to endow this fund

On-campus programs: all members are to be present for Parent Orientation in June and Fall Family Weekend in September, and one or more members are to be present for each of three Admissions Open Houses and two Scholars Days; additionally, coverage will be needed for Homecoming, IWU Parent Basketball Night, and any additional parent receptions scheduled; generally, members are asked to welcome families, answer questions, and share experiences

Representing IWU: finding new and creative ways to promote Illinois Wesleyan University to current and prospective IWU parents; (additional on-campus programs and/or services; opportunities to promote in hometown, such as at high school or church, through area IWU Admissions Office activities, etc.)


Member Responsibilities

  1. Attend on-campus meetings (2-3 annually) and participate in quarterly conference calls.
  2. Attend on-campus events.
  3. Make introductory “welcome” phone calls to parents of first-year students in the fall; promote Fall Family Weekend attendance.
  4. Make a gift to the Parent Fund.
  5. Make solicitation phone calls to parents once or twice a year to support the Parent Fund.
  6. Assist in the creation of brochures, letters, and electronic newsletters promoting the Parent Board and Parent Fund.
  7. Serve in an advisory role to University administration on topics of pertinence.
  8. Help develop new programs and outlets for the Parent Board and our message.