Abigail Jahiel


Abigail Jahiel

Professor of Environmental and International Studies

Ph.D., University of Michigan; B.A., Cornell University

Abigail R. Jahiel is Professor of Environmental and International Studies and has served as the Director of Environmental Studies (ES). She teaches several ES courses including Environment and Society, American Environmental History, American Environmental Politics, Global Sustainability and Asian Development, Comparative Environmental Politics, Globalization and the Environment, and the ES Senior Seminar: Creating a Sustainable Society. Dr. Jahiel is a political scientist by training, with expertise in comparative politics and Chinese politics. Her research has focused on environmental politics in reform China, including studies of the regulatory apparatus, implementation of industrial pollution policies, issues of environmental justice, emerging rural environmental problems, and the environmental implications of China's World Trade Organization membership. Dr. Jahiel is also very active in efforts to improve campus environmental sustainability and to introduce sustainability concepts throughout the curriculum. She has co-chaired Illinois Wesleyan's GREENetwork and has written and presented papers on IWU's experience with efforts to "green" the campus.

Environmental Studies Courses:

ENST 100: Environment and Society
ENST/ HIST 248: American Environmental History
ENST/PSCI 260: American Environmental Politics
ENST/PSCI 275: Global Sustainability and Asian Development
ENST/PSCI 360: Comparative Environmental Politics
ENST/PSCI 361: Globalization and the Environment
ENST 375: Vietnam Today: Addressing the Challenges of Sustainable Development
ENST 480: Senior Seminar: Creating a Sustainable Society