Elizabeth (Susie) Balser

Elizabeth (Susie) Balser, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology

Ph.D., Clemson University; B.S., Lander University

Elizabeth (Susie) J. Balser is an Associate Professor of Biology.  Her Environmental Studies courses include Marine Realm (BIOL 164), which deals with topics of marine biology and interactions of humans with the marine environment, and Parasitology (BIOL 326). Dr. Balser is an invertebrate zoologist with training in the morphology, physiology, and evolution of invertebrate animals. Her research pursuits include comparative examination of the structure and development of the kidney in starfish and other echinoderms. She has used these data to examine the evolutionary relationship between echinoderm classes. In recent years she has involved undergraduate students in studies focused on the development of the heart in starfish, cloning in brittlestar larvae, rotifer reproduction, and odorous compounds in jellyfish.

Envrionmental Studies Classes:

  • BIO 164: Marine Realm
  • ENST/BIO 220: Natural History of Illinois 
  • BIO 302: Parasitology