Environmental Studies Faculty

The interdisciplinary Environmental Studies Program draws its faculty from a range of disciplines, including Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry, Health, Economics, English, History, International Studies, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology.

environmental studies team photo

Environmental Studies Faculty Team Photo

Gregory S. Baker Environmental Studies
Elizabeth J. Balser Biology
Craig Broadbent Economics
Laurine Brown Environmental Studies/Health
Rebecca Gearhart Anthropology
R. Given Harper Biology
Narendra K. Jaggi Physics
Abigail R. Jahiel Environmental Studies
International Studies
Linda Kunce Psychology
Edgar Lehr Biology
Ram Mohan Chemistry
William Munro Political Science
Rebecca Roesner Chemistry
Alison Sainsbury English
James P. Simeone Political Science
Charles Springwood Anthropology
W. Michael Weis History