Off-Campus Study

There are several different way to take your studies off campus.  You could travel with fellow IWU students and professors for a semester in London or Madrid, travel to another country for a year or a semester through a study abroad program,  enjoy a semester in Chicago through the Urban Studies program, or make a shorter trip during May Term.  Explore your many options at the Study Abroad Office

Abroad for the Semester or the Year

In past years, some of our own English Department faculty have taken students to England through the London Program:

And several of our English majors have taken semesters in  many different countries:

May Term Travel Courses

During IWU's May Term, there are plenty of classes offered right here on campus that can be fun, experimental, and exciting.  However, May Term's travel courses are also a great opportunity for students who wish to study abroad but cannot find the resources to do it for a whole semester.  Each May, several IWU faculty members take students to far-off places for classes on a variety of  subjects.  Here are a few of the May Term travel courses our English Department faculty have done in the past: