Student Activities Fall 2005, Spring 2006

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Editorial Board: Holly Aldrich, Kate Baker, Jessica Block, Dan Czachura, Brian Egdorf, Ann Erickson, Katie Greenock, Lindsay Hawley, Scott Jensen, Tim McCarthy, Sara Novak, Whitney Philipps, Antonia Ricobene, Bill Slovick, Julia Stroud, Leila Ann Whitley, Josh Ziemann
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Conferences Organized
MUSE: An Undergraduate Literature Conference (at IWU) 30 September-1 October 2005 Organizers: Ann Erickson, Katie Greenock, Charles Haugland, Lindsay Hawley, Jessica Jones, Josh Kuehl, Molly McLay, Megan Mondi, Erie Roberts, Emma Wear, Rebecca Welzenbach, Anne Wilkinson, Kristen Zomparelli
Organizers, all members of Lambda Delta, ISU’s chapter of Sigma Tau Delta: Meghan Adams, Lydia Bock, Ryan Kerr, Valerie Olson, Jessica Satorius
Faculty Advisor (IWU): Prof. Mike Theune

Tongue & Ink Undergraduate Writers’ Conference (at IWU ) 24-25 February 2006
Organizers: Holly Aldrich, Andrea de Avila, diego baez, Kate Baker, Jessica Block, Dan Czachura, Brian Egdorf, Ann Erickson, Emily Franzen, Katie Greenock, Lindsay Hawley, Ben Jones, Aly Krawczyk, Molly M. McLay, Kyle Miner, Sara Novak, Whitney Philipps, Kristen Piotrowski, Amanda ReCupido, Antonia Ricobene, Ashley Lauren Samsa, Rene Scherer, Teresa Sherman, Leila Ann Whitley, Amy Zoeller
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Mike Theune

Book Club
Organizers: Alpha Eta Pi, IWU’s chapter of Sigma Tau Delta
Thursday, 12 January 2006--C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia
Thursday, 30 March 2006--Philip Pullman’s The Golden Compass

Chicago Humanities Festival November 2005
Nominated and Invited Participants: Katie Greenock, Lindsay Hawley, Molly McLay, Megan Mondi

Work Presented
Sigma Tau Delta Student/Faculty Colloquia

  • September 2005,The Oxford Colloquium Presenters: Lindsay Hawley (on T.S. Eliot) and Erie Roberts (on children's literature) Hosted by Profs. Dan Terkla and Stacey Shimizu

  • November 2005, The Modernism Colloquium Presenters: Katie Greenock (on Faulkner) and Mike Serra (on Djuna Barnes) Hosted by Prof. Barbara Bowman
  • February 2006, The Shakespeare Colloquium Presenters: Bridget O'Connor (on Hamlet) and Kristen Zomparelli (on Much Ado about Nothing) Hosted by Prof. Mary Ann Bushman
  • March 2006, The Poetry Colloquium Presenters: Prof. Mike Theune (on poetry pedagogy) and Molly M. McLay (on her feminist poetry) Hosted by Profs.  Dan Terkla and Stacey Shimizu

Sigma Tau Delta Annual Convention
Portland, OR, 29 March-1 April 2006
Presenter: Molly McLay Sponsor: Prof. Dan Terkla

  • Session C5: Criticism: Feminism (Thurs 30 March, 4.15-5.30) Presenting “Can a Broken Body Sing?  Healing Cixous’ 'Medusa’”
  • Session F3: “The Yellow Wallpaper” (Fri 31 March, 11.00-12.15) Session chair/moderator
  • Session L9: Poetry (Sat 1 April, 4.15-5.30) Presenting poetry project, “A String of Pearls”

The Annual English Language and Literature Conference
University of St. Francis, Joliet, IL, 17-18 March 2006

  • Presenter: Lindsay Hawley Session 1: Medieval Literature I (Fri 17 March, 5.30-7.30) Paper: “Participating in the Pilgrimage: the Reader's Role in The Canterbury Tales” Sponsor: Prof. Pam Muirhead
  • Presenter: Jessica Jones '06 Session 5: Medieval Literature II (Sat 18 March, 10.30-12.30) Paper: “The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same: The Feudal System, Social Constraints, and Chrtien de Troyes” Sponsor: Prof. Dan Terkla
  • Presenter: Kathryn M. Salo Session 8: Women Writers II (Sat 18 March, 10.30-12.30) Paper: “You've Got to be a Size Two to Get What You Want: The After Effects of Body Image Constraints in Atwood's Lady Oracle”
  • Presenter: Kristen Zomparelli Session 11: Shakespeare II (Sat 18 March, 1.45-3.45) Paper: “Satirizing the Silence: Shakespeare's Critique of the Patriarchy's Destruction of Female Character in Much Ado about Nothing” Sponsor: Prof. Mary Ann Bushman
  • Presenter: Molly M. McLay Session 16: Language (Sat 18 March, 4.00-5.30) Paper: “Writing Out a Gendered Language: Re-Examining Butler, Derrida, and Bornstein; Revising Cixous; and Reading the Body” Sponsor: Prof. Wes Chapman

The International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts
Fort Lauderdale, FL,15-19 March 2006

  • Presenter: Erie Roberts“’That Its Unreality Has Nothing to Do with Untruth’: The Fantastic in Modern Children’s Literature” Sponsor: Prof. Mike Theune