English Language Arts

Completing the program in English Language Arts, including passing all state tests, “highly qualifies” one to teach honors and AP courses in English, as well as lower level courses in grades 9-12.

The Teacher Education Program (TEP) Handbook provides detailed information about the TEP program, admission requirements, field requirements, and state and university licensure requirements.

Secondary Education Major

Secondary Education Major/Professional Education (10 Units)

First Year


EDUC 225

Educa tion and Social Justice (CSI)

(or fall semester sophomore year)

20-25 hours field experience




EDUC 255


C h ild Study and Assessment (WI)


20-25 hours field experience

Sophomore Year


EDUC 257

T h e Exceptional Child (or fall junior year)

(U.S. Diversity Flag)


Junior Year*


EDUC 257

T h e Exceptional Child (U.S. Diversity Flag)


Junior Year*


EDUC 320

(or EDUC 365)

Foundations of Literacy: Reading, Writing, and Oral Communication

25 hours field experience

Junior year*


EDUC 345

Instructional Planning, Assessment and Safe Learning Environments

40-45 hours field experience

Junior Year*


EDUC 360

(.5 units)


Seminar: C ur r iculum and Pedagogy in English and World Language

Field experience concurrent with EDUC 345

Junior Year


EDUC 365

Reading, Writing, and Communication in the Content Areas

10 hours field experience or as needed to insure completion of 100 hours of field experience


Senior Year



EDUC 490


S tudent Teaching Seminar


15 week full time immersion in

the field (continues May placement)

Senior Year


EDUC 491

S tudent Teaching: Secondary English

 15 week full time immersion in    

 the field (continues May placement)

Senior Year**


EDUC 498

Educa tional Inquiry (WI)


*If planning to travel abroad, do so prior to spring term of junior year, and plan enrollment in 225, 255, and 257 accordingly. **Ninth semester graduates delay required 300 level professional Education coursework to the senior year, and take EDUC 498 prior to student teaching spring semester senior year.

Take the courses below in the sequence listed. Refer to the IWU catalog for course prerequisites and restrictions on concurrent enrollment. The professional education courses listed below are used to compute your professional education grade point average for TEP and student teaching acceptance. 

English Literature Major

English Literature (10 units) 

The requirements listed below reflect the most recent information from the English Department. You are advised to consult the IWU catalog and your English advisor regarding current requirements for your graduating class. English majors seeking licensure in teaching are strongly advised to take at least one 300-level Shakespeare course. The required English courses listed below are used to compute your major grade point average for TEP and student teaching acceptance.

Consult with your English faculty advisor or the IWU catalog for course prerequisites and allowed substitutions. 

English 280

Understanding Literature

One course from English 220-257


One or two courses from English 109-170 or 220-257 (only one 100 level course will count toward the major).*


One pre-1830 literature course from English 341-344, 366, 391, 393-394.

**Five or six additional literature courses at the 300 level.


English 480

Senior Seminar

REA 272

Child and Adolescent Literature

*One unit of writing may be substituted for the course(s) to be chosen from English 109-170 or 220-272.


** One unit of writing may be substituted among the literature courses required at the 300 level exclusive of the pre-1830 literature requirement.


General Education

IWU General Education

English secondary education candidates meet IWU general education requirements with the following courses:

Contemporary Social Institutions (SI)
Educ 225 (required).
Analysis of Values (AV)
PHIL 214, Philosophy of Education (recommended).
Formal Reasoning (FR)
PHIL 102 or MATH 110 are recommended but not required.
Literature (Lit)
required upper division English Literature courses
U.S. Diversity flag (US)
Educ 257 (required).
Writing Intensive (WI)
EDUC 255 and 498 (required). You are likely to have additional WI requirements in the English major.


Sample Course Plan Year 1

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

 Sample Course Plan Year 2

Fall Semester