Unit 5 - Clinical Experience Background Check Requirements

Fall 2016

IWU students completing clinical hours, observing, or working as an America Reads Tutor in Unit 5 schools must complete a name based background check prior to the first day in the school. Students are responsible for the $18.00 fee. Requirements and fees are subject to change. 

Name Based Criminal Background Check (CBC) for Clinical Experiences *valid for 1 calendar year


Submit the following to Colleen Herald, CLA 345, at least two weeks prior to the first day of placement:

  1. Completed and signed Unit 5 Disclosure and Authorization form. Please type responses in the form or print legibly.
  2. $18.00 fee - exact cash or check only. Make checks payable to Unit 5. Envelopes are available outside of CLA 345 or in CLA 346 for collection of the $18.00 fee. Put your name on the envelope and mark the appropriate district.

Upon receipt of the form and $18.00 fee a link to the name-based background check will be emailed to you. Be prepared to enter your social security number and the address that is on your driver's license.

If you have questions, please contact Colleen Herald.