Technology Showcase, Spring 2014




 Workshops 1

 SFH 001

Making Instruction Interactive using SmartBoard  
Prof. Leah Nillas and Tara Drazner (Elementary)  

Come and experience how to create interactive instructional and assessment slides using the  SmartNotebook  software. We will share our favorite SmartBoard tools and provide examples on how they can be used in K-12 teaching. Whether you are planning to create slides for your course projects or teach a lesson in your field placement, this session aims to engage you in a hands-on learning experience.    

 SFH 004

ActivInspire (Promethean Board)
Lindsey Bakewell (Mathematics), Brady Olson (Mathematics), and Minh Nguyen (Computer Science, Tech Tutor)  

Brady Olson will focus on using existing Word documents and pdfs and integrating them into a Promethean file. He will also discuss how to use the Promethean Board every day in class as a teacher. Lindsey Bakewell will demonstrate how to create your own ActivInspire slides. She will present a brief overview, and include some fun and creative tricks she learned while student teaching. Minh Nguyen will share ways to troubleshoot basic problems including screen freeze, pens not working, and no image on the board. 


   Workshops 2

 SFH 001

Active Learning:  Creating Learning Centers and Stories with the  iPad

Prof. Jeanne Koehler, Aaron Guenther (English), and Erica Vrkljan (Elementary)  

In this interactive workshop, you will step into a classroom and actively engage with the  iPads :  no lecture, no PowerPoint.  We will learn through iPad experiences.  Aaron Guenther will establish iPad learning centers that will transport you to the 1920s.  Using these multimedia learning centers, you will have the background knowledge to get started reading the novel, The Great Gatsby.  Erica Vrkljan will help bring your creativity and writing skills to life using the iPads to draft your own story using the app StoryKit.  The purpose of this session is to show that integrating the iPad into teaching can be done easily, and without taking on significant risk.  Come play and learn.

 SFH 122

Getting the Most Out of an Online Learning Management System 
Prof. Sean Mullins  

It is very likely that the school district in which you are hired will utilize some sort of Learning Management System (e.g. Moodle Canvas Sakai Edmodo ).  Even if they do not have a centralized system, there are many free options out there for teachers to use.  In this session you will learn the common themes of all of these systems, and how to leverage them to maximize student learning outcomes.   Examples of topics include:

  • Incorporating ELA Common Core in any content area through RSS feeds so that kids really enjoy it
  • Using formative and summative assessments to cut down on time spent grading and getting feedback to students quicker
  • Promoting student collaboration, communication, and questioning skills through online communication

Additionally, attendees to this session will have access to a Moodle sandbox course to be able to play and create as we learn.  Come and see what Learning Management Systems are all about from the viewpoint of a teacher!




 Round Table Presentation 1

  SFH 001

Incorporating Technology in the Foreign Language Classroom through WikiSpaces and Skype
Brynn Tomko (Hispanic Studies)  

Wikispaces  is a great free website where teachers can create a page, and transform it into a classroom workspace where the students and the teacher can communicate and contribute work in a variety of different ways. The Website has an assortment of tools to monitor and assess student work as well as update students on important events or projects for the class. During this showcase we will look at the different possible uses in the high school Spanish classroom. We will also look at a way to expose foreign language students (specifically Spanish students) to authentic conversations with native speakers without having to leave the classroom through Skype sessions with people around the world. 

Pinterest   : A+ Ideas for Teachers
Baylie Gregurich (Elementary)

Pinterest   is a free virtual bulletin board that is easy to operate.  Teachers can use Pinterest as a tool for finding new project ideas to use in the classroom. The DIY (Do It Yourself) and Crafts category onPinterest are good boardsto find inspiration for new ideas, or you can just search specific terms.  Pinterest is also a good way to find classroom blogs that contain helpful advice for teachers.  By using Pinterest, teachers can keep up with the trends of fun crafts and ideas that teachers across the world are using. 


Edmodo as a Tool for Communication Facilitation
Athena Cocallas (Elementary)  

Edmodo  is a website that is very similar to Facebook that can be used in the classroom as an instructional tool, or even as a community building area. You can post materials there for students to access at home, have them respond to posts in class, and let them use it to share with each other. The best part is that it is controlled by the teacher, and the teacher has complete control over what is posted and who is allowed access. 


Round Table Presentation 2

  SFH 004

Utilizing Promethean Planet in the Classroom
Callie Ault (Elementary)

This round table session will focus on how to access  Promethean Planet , find quality resources, and implement those resources into a lesson. We will also look at what resources are available for varying subjects and grade levels. 

Wolfram-Alpha: The Future of Educational Search Engine
Matthew Conrad (Mathematics)

Wolfram-Alpha is a computational search engine that uses confirmed data from the web to solve problems instead of just returning links to websites that may be useful. The vast collection of knowledge available can be applied to any subject in the classroom in unique ways not offered with any other search engine. The search engine sorts, analyzes, and finds trends in data in ways that humans couldn't even imagine!

Dragon Dictation
Kristen Woodside (Elementary)  

Dragon Dictation  is a free app that transcribes audio into writing. Using Dragon Dictation, students can speak into a microphone and immediately have their words transcribed for them. This app is especially beneficial to struggling writers, but is a useful tool for facilitating the writing process of all students. In this round table session, we will look at how to download the app, and discuss its potential uses in the classroom.