Ninth Semester Tuition Reduction Forms Due April 15

To: December 2014 Graduates (9th semester)
From: Kelly Lawton, Assistant Director of Teacher Licensure
Re; Tuition Reduction Form due April 15, 2014

Teacher education licensure candidates planning to student teach in the fall of 2014 and graduate in December 2014 after a ninth semester, must submit an application form by April 15, 2014. The ninth semester tuition reduction is intended for candidates who have completed all graduation and licensure course requirements with the exception of student teaching and the concurrent seminar within eight full‐time semesters (or the equivalent) of attending IWU.  Transfer students who have completed the equivalent of eight full‐time semesters with a minimum of four full‐time semesters at IWU are eligible for the tuition reduction. Candidates participating in the Urban Education Program (ACM) are not eligible for the tuition reduction. 

The reduction in tuition amounts to paying for one unit of course credit rather than four after registering for student teaching and the seminar. 

The tuition policy and form are available at: The first page explains the policy and the second page must be completed, signed,  and turned in to the Educational Studies office, CLA 346.  The completed forms will be forwarded to Professors Robin Leavitt or Tamara Thies for final review and a signature. 

If you do not meet the requirements listed in the form above, you may choose to seek approval for tuition reduction by submitting a petition.  The form is available at:

 If you have questions, please contact Kelly Lawton at