Sumer Seiki, Ph.D., M.S., B.S., University of California-Davis

Assistant Professor

Sumer Seiki recently joined the faculty at the Educational Studies Department. Professor Seiki has both her bachelor's and master's degrees in plant biology and taught at American River College. She has worked in both plant pathology and plant development research laboratories along the west coast.

While working in science she also worked in a variety of elementary schools and earned her teaching credentials at California State University, Sacramento in the Bilingual Multicultural Teacher Education Program.

Most recently she worked at the Student Recruitment and Retention Center and the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at University of California-Davis. She created and facilitated Academic Inclusion Undoing Marginalization, a symposium and art exhibit that  fostered critical analysis of hegemonic practices within higher education.

Her professional interests are in the areas of critical theory, narrative inquiry, teacher preparation, teaching science methods, and transformative pedagogies. She teaches the elementary curriculum and pedagogy courses, Elementary Science Methods (ED 305), Science Methods (ED 363), Education and Social Justice (ED 225). and  Educational Inquiry (ED 498) a writing intensive course. Soon she will be teaching a special topics courses- Cultural Diversity in the Classroom (370). She also supervises elementary and science secondary student teachers. She will also facilitate the elementary student teaching seminar, which allows her to bring together both theory and practice. 

As a researcher, she worked extensively with narratives of Asian American educators and race within higher education.  She is part of a collaborative research team; she has presented and performed at many national research and professional conferences and has coauthored several articles.