District 87 - Background Check Requirements

Spring 2015

Students completing clinical field hours, observing, or working as an America Reads Tutor in District 87 schools must complete a name based background check prior to the first day in the field. Students are responsible for the $8.00 fee. Requirements are subject to change.

Student teachers are required to complete a full CHRI check in the spring of the junior year even if they have previously completed a background check for another district.

Clinical student (name based) background check 

This check must be completed by all students in District 87 for the first time and first time America Reads tutors. Students who completed a background check for District 87 in a previous semester DO NOT repeat the check.

Turn the following in to Moreena Tiede (CLA 345) or to the Educational Studies office (CLA 346) at least one week prior to the first day of placement:

  1. Completed and signed Disclosure and Authorization form. Please type responses in the form or print legibly. (Update acrobat).
  2. $8.00 cash only (change is not available and checks are not accepted). Place cash in an envelope with your name and District.  Envelopes are available outside of CLA 345 and in CLA 346. 

Student teacher background check (CHRI)

Student teachers are required to complete the full fingerprint based criminal history records information check. The check is completed in April of the semester prior to student teaching.  

General instructions are below (will be updated in April of 2015)

Get a TB test at Health Services on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday. Plan to return two days later to have your results read. Submit a copy of your TB results to the Educational Studies office.

Complete the student teacher packet and turn in. When turning in, address an envelope to yourself (so a copy of your fingerprint results can be mailed to you). 

  • Student Teaching Information Form: Include your campus address for fall. If you have more than one cooperating teacher include both of their names.
  • Student Teaching Application Form: Include your current address. Indicate first semester, and include as much of the placement information as you can. Include your supervisor in the contact section. Kelly Lawton's name has also been added.
  • Read, complete, and sign the background information, personnel policies, drug and alcohol policy, summary of your rights, and acknowledgement of mandated reporter status.

Get fingerprinted at either an on-campus fingerprint clinic or the Regional office of Education in downtown Bloomington. Bring photo id to your appointment. The 52.00 cost will be billed to your student account.

   I've already completed a background check. Why do I need to do this again?

Due to state and federal law, and individual district policy, candidates must complete a separate check for each district. Some districts may require a new check annually. Students are responsible for all costs.