District 87 - Field Experience Background Check Requirements

Fall 2015

IWU clinical students completing field hours, observing, or working as an America Reads Tutor in District 87 schools must complete a name based background check prior to the first day in the field. Students are responsible for the $8.00 fee. Requirements and fees are subject to change.

Name Based Criminal Background Check (CBC) for Field Experiences *valid for one year


Submit the following in to Colleen Herald (CLA 345) or to the Educational Studies office (CLA 346).

  1. Completed and signed District 87 Disclosure and Authorization form. Please type responses in the form or print legibly.
  2. $8.00 cash only (change is not available and checks are not accepted). Envelopes are available outside of CLA 345 and in CLA 346 for collection of the Disclosure and Authorization form and the $8.00 fee. Put your name on the envelope and mark the appropriate district. 

You will receive an email from District 87 letting you know when you are cleared to visit the schools. Bring this email with you on your first school visits.

*IWU clinical students who completed a name based background check for District 87 during a previous semester DO NOT repeat the check. However, you must update your school site information on the Student Teacher Information Forms.