District 87 - Clinical Experience Background Check Requirements

Fall 2016/Spring 2017

IWU students completing a clinical experience in a District 87 school must complete a name based Criminal Background Check (CBC) prior to the first day in the school. Students are responsible for the $8.00 fee. Requirements and fees are subject to change. The name based CBC for District 87 is  valid for 1 school year.

To to determine if a CBC is required, IWU students participating in clinical experiences in this district are asked to complete the District 87 Criminal Background Check Survey each semester. Instructions for obtaining and paying for a CBC, if needed, or updating your school information, are included at the end of the survey.

District 87 Criminal Background Check Survey (for clinical experiences)

District 87 Schools

High Schools
Bloomington High School
Junior High Schools
Bloomington Jr. High School
Elementary Schools
Bent, Irving, Oakland, Sheridan, Stevenson, Washington


Contact  cherald@iwu.edu  if questions.