Second Subject Endorsements

(grades 9-12)
The four year licensure program rarely allows completion of required endorsement coursework outside of the major.  Consult with your Educational Studies advisor, the Director of Teacher Education, or the Assistant Director for Teacher Licensure about pursuing additional endorsements.  You are encouraged to pursue post-graduate coursework that will “highly qualify” you to teach upper level, AP, and honors courses in content areas related to your major.  State endorsement requirements are explained on the ISBE website. Applicants may apply for additional endorsements through ELIS.
English and foreign language candidates may add a secondary endorsement (grades 9-12) in drama/theatre arts by completing a minor or six units (three upper level) in theatre arts and passing the Drama/Theatre Arts (141) content area test.
Science  candidates may earn additional content specific endorsements in other sciences, for example, a physics major may earn an endorsement in chemistry.
History candidates enhance their employment options by completing requirements for another content specific endorsement in social science such as economics, geography, political science, psychology, sociology or anthropology.
The Assistant Director for Teacher Licensure verifies the completion of endorsement requirements during the entitlement process at the time of program completion.
It is also possible to add endorsements to your license after graduation and any time during your teaching career by completing state requirements. Applicants may apply for additional endorsement through ELIS.
Please consult with the Director of Teacher Education, Professor Epstein, or the Assistant Director of Teacher Licensure, Colleen Herald, if you have questions about how to pursue additional endorsements.