Foreign Language

Upon completing an approved program and taking all ISBE tests, you will earn a K-12 Certificate (type 10) with an endorsement in foreign language and a designation in the language of in your major (French). This certificate, endorsement, and designation will allow you to teach all levels of French, including honors and AP courses.

You may add a designation in any second language by completing a major in that language, and taking the Content Area test in that language. For example, this would allow you to teach both French and Spanish.

Professional Education

The courses below should be taken in the sequence listed. Refer to the IWU catalog for course prerequisites and restrictions on concurrent enrollment.

First year, spring semester or sophomore year, fall semester   Educ 225 Education and Social Justice (CSI)
Sophomore year, fall or spring   Educ 255 Child Study and Assessment (WI)
    Educ 257 The Exceptional Child (U)
Sophomore year, spring or junior year, fall   Educ 260 Middle School Philosophy (elective; required for middle school endorsement)
Junior year, spring   Educ 360 Curriculum and Pedagogy in English and Foreign Language
    Educ 365 Reading, Writing, and Communication in the Content Areas
Senior year, fall *   Educ 490 Student Teaching Seminar
    Educ 493 Student Teaching: Foreign Language
Senior year spring **   Educ 498 Educational Inquiry

*ACM Urban Education (UEP) participants may student teach spring semester senior year, with approval.
**Ninth semester graduates and spring semester UEP candidates only may take Educ 401 during the spring semester of the junior year, with department approval.

Major Requirements

Students seeking K-12 foreign language certificates should be able to demonstrate: (1) an excellent command of the language; (2) an awareness and appreciation of the aesthetic and intellectual history of the target culture and of its present-day manifestations; (3) the ability to comprehend, critically analyze and explicate literary works in the foreign language; and (4) the ability to teach the foreign language, literature, and culture. Foreign language students are required to spend a semester in a country where the target language is spoken.

Major Requirements:  French

French 203 or 204 Intermediate French Conversation and Grammar (G)
French 301 or 302 Language and Culture (SI, G) or Advanced Expression (W)
French 303 or 304 Introduction to Literature (L)
French 315, 316, 317, or 318 French Civilization
Select 5 from French 305, 310,312,370,405,406,407,408 (At least one must be a 400-level literature course taken as a Senior Seminar.)Travel Seminar
Business French (W)
French Cinema (SI, G)
Special Topics
Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Literature (L)
Studies in Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Literature (L)
Medieval and Renaissance Literature (L)
Francophone Literature of Africa and the Caribbean (L, G)

AND one semester abroad in an approved program (prior to spring of the junior year, or enrollment in Educ 360)
AND Oral Proficiency Exam and Senior Writing Portfolio. (Consult with Professor Sheridan regarding these requirements.)

ISBE Standards

Foreign Language candidates must demonstrate proficiency in the content area Standards in Foreign Language . The APT test, Grades K-12 (104) is required prior to recommendation for certification. Registration can be completed at www.icts.nesinc.com.

Second Subject Teaching Endorsements

Foreign language candidates may earn a second subject endorsement in English Language Arts by completing

  • Educ 360A2 concurrent with 360A1
  • English 280 Practical Criticism
  • Two lower division English literature courses, with at least one from English 220-259
  • English 290 Grammar & Composition for Teachers (prior to student teaching)
  • Three courses in English literature at the 300/400 level (at least one 300-level Shakespeare course)
  • One additional course unit in writing or literature at the 100, 200, or 300 level in English.
  • ISBE Content Area test in English Language Arts (111)

Foreign language candidates may earn other second subject endorsements only by completing the appropriate approved program. Refer to www.iwu.edu/~edstu for specific program requirements.

The completion of these requirements is noted during the entitlement process completed by the Educational Studies office.

You may add endorsements to your certificate after graduation and any time during your teaching career by completing state requirements . The application form can be found here.