Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP) or ACT/SAT in Lieu of TAP

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) requires all teacher candidates to either  pass the four subareas of the Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP) or submit ACT or SAT score reports in lieu of TAP that meet the minimum requirements listed under Step Two below. 

Report ACT/SAT Test Scores to ISBE (in lieu of TAP)


Set Up an ELIS account with the ISBE. (Save your login and password for future use!)

Two step process:

  1. Set up an IWAS account
  2. Set up an ELIS account

*Confirm that your ACT or SAT score report meets the following requirements:

  • ACT Plus Writing
    • Composite score of 22 or higher and a minimum of 19 on the Combined English/Writing 
    • One test administration taken on the same date
  •  SAT
    • Composite score of 1030 (critical reading + mathematics = 1030 or higher)  and a minimum score of 450 on writing 
    • One test administration taken on the same date. 
  • Official ACT/SAT score report is less than ten years old at the time of application and submission to ISBE.

Print ACT receipt showing scores were sent to ISBE and submit to Colleen Herald in CLA 345 (skip if using SAT scores)


Access the ACT website and request that your scores be sent to ISBE directly from ACT. Note: Scores reported before an ELIS account has been set-up will be voided after 30 days.

  • The score report must arrive in a sealed envelope addressed to ISBE from ACT or SAT.
  • The score can be no more than 10 years old at the time it is received by ISBE.
  • If requesting an ACT Plus Writing score report use ACT code 3001 when ordering

There is no ISBE code for the SAT. Call the College Board at 866-756-7346 to request that your SAT score report be sent to the Illinois State Board of Education, Division of Educator Licensure, 100 N. First St., S-306, Springfield, IL 62777.


Check your ELIS account to verify that your ACT/SAT score report has been accepted in lieu of the TAP. Please allow 60 days for this information to be added to your ELIS account. Note: Your ELIS account must reflect ACT Plus Writing or SAT in lieu of the TAP prior to beginning Student Teaching. 


ISBE will not return official score reports that reflect a score less than listed above, lack a writing component, or are more than 10 years old at the time of application. Such score reports will be shredded and therefore, cannot be used to apply for an Illinois license or endorsement.


Take TAP or Retake ACT/SAT

*If your ACT/SAT test scores cannot be reported to ISBE in lieu of TAP, you must either (by December sophomore year):

(1) register for and pass the Test of Academic Proficiency, or
(2) retake the ACT Plus Writing or SAT and earn the required composite scores.




Updated October, 2015.