All Courses

Educ 225: Education and Social Justice (CSI)

Educ 255: Child Study and Assessment (WI)

Educ 257: The Exceptional Child

Educ 260: Middle School Philosophy

Educ 271: Teaching & Learning with Technology K-12

Educ 272 Multicultural Children's Literature

Educ 276: Environmental Education for Youth

Educ 301: Social Studies Inquiry and Democratic Learning Environments

Educ 303: Integrating Fine Arts Across the Curriculum

Educ 305: Curriculum and Pedagogy across the Natural Sciences

Educ 320: Reading, Writing and Oral Communication

Educ 325: Curriculum, Pedagogy and Technology in K-8 Mathematics

Educ 351: Middle School Mathematics

Educ 360: Curriculum and Pedagogy in English and Foreign Language

Educ 361: Curriculum and Pedagogy in Social Science

Educ 362: Curriculum and Pedagogy in grades 6-12 Mathematics

Educ 363: Curriculum and Pedagogy in the Natural Sciences

Educ 365: Reading, Writing and Communication in the Content Areas

Educ 270/370/470: Special Topics in Educational Studies

Educ 372: English Language Learners

Educ 373: Education and International Development (CSI, W, G)

Educ 385: Travel Seminar

Educ 490: Student Teaching Seminar

Educ 491: Student Teaching: Secondary English Language Arts

Educ 492: Student Teaching: Secondary Social Science

Educ 493: Student Teaching: Foreign Language

Educ 494: Student Teaching: Secondary Mathematics

Educ 495: Student Teaching: Secondary Science

Educ 496: Student Teaching: Elementary

Educ 498: Educational Inquiry (WI)

Educ 250/350/450: Independent Study

Educ 397/497: Internship