Biology/Secondary Education Course Plan (first 3 semesters)

This is an example course plan based on the 2018-2019 University Catalog; your actual schedule may deviate from the example provided. Your faculty advisor will work with you to select appropriate courses. 

As an IWU student, it is your responsibility to track your progress each semester towards completing graduation requirements using the MyIWU degree evaluation tool.  Note:  secondary education licensure candidates are required to take specific coursework in the major to meet state requirements. The requirements are in the Teacher Education Handbook, and on the Educational Studies licensure page First year students should attend the orientation week meeting for Educational Studies. Biology majors pursuing licensure should consult with a Biology and Educational Studies advisor when planning the second year.


Year 1

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

Year 2

Fall Semester

  • EDUC 255 Child Study and Assessment (WI) *
  • Second language course
  • BIOL Course (see required major coursework for licensure candidates)
  • MATH 176 Applied Analysis I (FR) or
  • MATH 177 Applied Analysis II or
  • MATH 278 Applied Analysis III (consult your major advisor for the best option)


* EDUC 225 may be delayed until fall sophomore year.  Prospective secondary teachers must complete both EDUC 225 and 255 no later than fall semester junior year. EDUC 225 is a prerequisite to EDUC 255; these two courses cannot be taken concurrently.

Mathematics and Biology courses are not used to compute your major grade point average for TEP and student teaching acceptance; however you must earn a grade of C or higher.

Science candidates may earn additional high school level content specific endorsements in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science, and/or Earth and Space Science by passing the applicable ISBE Content Area test and completing three units of coursework in the discipline. Alternatively, you may qualify by completing another major in the area of the endoresement. A content specific endorsement "highly qualifies" one to teach AP or Honors level courses in one of the above science disciplines.

The four year licensure program rarely allows completion of required endorsement coursework in additional areas such as social science, English, mathematics, or foreign language. (See those program handbook pages for specific endorsement requirements.) Please consult with your Educational Studies advisor, the Director of Teacher Education, or the Assistant Director for Teacher licensure about pursuing additional endorsements.

The Assistant Director for Teacher Licensure verifies the completion of endorsement requirements during the entitlement process. You may add endorsements to your license after graduation and any time during your teaching career by completing state requirements. Applicants apply for additional endorsements using the Educator Licensure Information System (ELIS).

Educational Studies General Education Planning


The IWU general education category requirements listed below are met with required major or licensure courses.

Analysis of Values (AV)
PHIL 214, Philosophy of Education (recommended but not required)
Contemporary Social Institutions (CSI)
EDUC 225 (required)
Formal Reasoning (FR)
Consult with your science major advisor regarding recommended mathematics courses for the major.
Life and Physical Science Issues and Lab
Major and licensure requirements
Writing Intensive (WI)
EDUC 255 and 498 courses (required). Additional WI requirements are in the major
U.S. Diversity flag (US)
EDUC 257 (required)

See the IWU General Education website for additional information.

If you have any questions about general education and state content course requirements, please contact the Director of Teacher Education, Professor Epstein, for an appointment ( ).

Study Abroad

If planning to travel abroad, do so prior to spring term of junior year, and plan enrollment in 225, 255, and 257 accordingly. Ninth semester graduates delay required 300 level professional education coursework to the senior year, and take Educ 498 prior to student teaching spring semester senior year.