Educ 260: Middle School Philosophy

Required course for middle grades endorsement.  The cognitive and psychosocial issues of early adolescence, and their implications for grades 5-8 organization, curriculum, professional collaboration, and family engagement. 

Required field experience.

Prerequisites:  Educ 225 & Educ 255.  Concurrent enrollment in 255 is prohibited.  Concurrent enrollment in 300 level curriculum courses with permission of department chair. May be taken before or after student teaching.

Offered annually.


"To us, middle school teaching requires:

a genuine commitment to teach young adolescents and to teach in the middle school;
knowledge of the curricular area(s);
knowledge of young adolescents, their development, and their diversity; and
knowledge and expertise in essential middle school concepts such as advisor-advisee programs, exploratory programs, interdisciplinary teaming, and positive school climates.

Lounsbury, John H. in Teaching in the Middle School. Manning, M. Lee and Katherine T. Bucher. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, 2001.