Educ 255 Studying Children and Adolescents (WI)

Developmental theory, research, and assessment of school-age children and adolescents. Individual differences in student learning and development. Case study, observational, and narrative assessment. Required field experience.

Prerequisite: Education 225

Offered each semester.


"Childhood is not only something to be studied, it is something we all hold within us: a set of happy memories, a collection of ideas.... Our own childhoods are lived by us and are variously remembered, though usually not in a linear way. Memories are filtered through the lens of how we have learnt as adults to think of childhood. In studying children, therefore, there is a sense in which we are likely to be studying the child within ourselves.... It is difficult for adults to experience the experiences of childhood because by then one's whole way of experiencing things has changed. For adults, many experiences are familiar, even over-familiar. For children, everything is new."

Oakley, A. (1994). "Women and children first and last: Parallels and differences between children's and women's studies." In Mayall, B. (Ed.). Children's childhoods observed and experienced (pp. 13-32). London: Falmer Press.